Masha i Medvedi
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Masha I Medvedi

Masha i medvedi (Masha and the bears, which is Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Russian version of the folk tale - there is also an Akvarium song of the same name) had a major hit a couple of years ago with 'Lubochka', but this track is not very typical of their music. In fact, they veer from out and out rock to far more experimental music, sounding at times like a more hard edged Portishead.

Crimonium writes: Hey.. You absolutly wrong.. "Masha & Medvedi" is reall depressive-romantic music, and England has really great band with the same style of music. The band called "My Dying Bride"..
It is really GREAT band of the world.

Masha Cool: The official group site. Small number of pictures and some music links that don't work.